HRS Hotel sourcing for businesses

B2B interface that enables businesses to manage rates and contracts with thousands of hotels.

Business requirements meet UX concerns

Sourcing is the term for businesses evaluating hotels for their employees' business travels. A company like Siemens for example has 5000+ people traveling the world constantly. They need to be able to find, book and manage hotel contracts on a scale that is hard to grasp. I worked on the sourcing platform during my time at HRS.

We had countless meetings on the most minute details, like the status details icons and their color, or the filtering requirements on a data table that has collapsing rows and columns. The requirements were quite ridiculous at times and we had to come up with a viable solution. Working on sourcing was incredibly hard but so rewarding, to be asked to find a solution for something this complicated.

We worked in iterations of layout, every new layer of information increased the density of what you were looking at. At times we had to deconstruct our own designs to make sense of it and include stakeholders and users on the sketching sessions. Since this is an ever evolving platform I somedays wonder what this piece of tech looks like today.