REWE Angebote

Online grocery deals for 3600+ REWE Markets.

Groceries for the masses

REWE has 90 years of history in groceries. The weekly offers are a cornerstone of the stationary business, millions of households get their information from the leaflet and the online listing. I worked on several iterations of the site over the years and contribute to modernize the offer data stream to be as flexible as can be.

Since this is one of the most visited sites of REWE, the pressure to deliver a quality experience is equally high. On the way we manage customer needs, stakeholder expectations, innovation challenges and technical hurdles, all just to show a grid of products.


A new challenge to design

The REWE Group is a gigantic interwoven network of companies, departments, markets, people and systems. Grocery deals are one of the core areas of the business, there are multiple teams from multiple departments from multiple companies involved in curating and setting the offers for a week. Another team is then tasked with creating the paper leaflet, and we are responsible for the representation on the web.

A products journey is from the producer to a warehouse to a market and finally to the consumer. Tracking and standardizing the attached metadata set of a product has been next to impossible. Too many different systems and too many diverging interface ports led to the metadata being re-interpreted after one station and changed at the next. Some information was lost, of course.
I was tasked with creating a UI that generates the product overview based on the data.


As usual, communication is key

We mapped out the data streams, researched the interface definitions at the various points in the process and identified the teams that work on them. Our brilliant PM Marlon brought all the right people together for a regular exchange, while our grandiose PO Matthias drew out the technical map of all the data streams. With these problems solved, the dev teams and I could tackle the coming development and design of the offers page.